About Us

Ecowise decided, upon creating a company that would bring new and innovative building techniques and renewable measures to the general public. We work in all areas within the building and renewable energy industry, including ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar pv, biomass as well as a total scope building works from new builds to extensions and conversions. As a company, we pride ourselves upon on our professionalism and our attention to detail. We always ensure that our customers receive only the highest standards of quality in everything that we do, in order to be the best that is out there.

The power of the sun is free to us all and we never fail to enjoy it, but with the right technology and the perfect blend of passion and expertise, Ecowise is able to provide its customers with all measures to create a truly renewable build. We promise to offer you as many options as we can in order for you to maximise the energy efficiency of your project by including measures to enable, savings and making you money whilst helping to protect the environment for our future generations.